Scope of Work

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Package Design

The Problem

The client approached us to create an entire brand identity for his company, Aremor. Although they had been selling beauty products and houseware appliances online, they were partnering with retail stores to get their products into the physical market. They knew that without proper branding, their products wouldn’t stand out on the shelves.

The Goal

Create unique branding for the company as a whole, while simultaneously encompassing three very different product lines: small electronics, power tools, and beauty products.

The Process

The focus of the brand identity was on the quality control that is Aremor’s signature and promise. We used the imagery of a “knight in armor,” as represented in the “A” in the logo. In order to differentiate between the different categories, each category was given a different color. In this way, any future product can be added seamlessly. The brand feel is corporate with just a touch of fun.

The Result

Although the client had used many brand agencies in the past without feeling satisfied with the end product, the entire brand identity felt completely in line with his vision.

“Hudi’s work was zero fluff. Instead of charging money for things I didn’t really need, she was honest about what would make the biggest difference for me after hearing about my goals and vision.”

Sam Brisman,

Founder, Aremor

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