It’s not just your brand’s logo. It’s your brand’s message.

Branding isn’t only about logos and colors.

Branding done right means communicating your brand’s core message and standing out from competition — with design based on deep strategy.

What it looks like

Our 6-Step Process

Target Market + Industry Research

Target market profiling and industry research for current trends

Purple Pixel Design Group - brand logo - target market and industry research - brand for business

Mind Map

Brainstorming keywords, finding correlations between concepts

Purple Pixel Design Group - brand logo - mind map - brand for business


Sketching each word on map

Purple Pixel Design Group - brand logo - sketch - brand for business

Digitize +Refine

Bringing concepts to life digitally and refining each one

Purple Pixel Design Group - brand logo - digitize and refine - brand for business

Color & Typography

Choose color palette and fonts according to brand emotions and vibes

Purple Pixel Design Group - brand logo - color and typography - brand for business

Creative Logo + Brand Elements + Brand Kit

The brand visuals: logo, favicon, icons, patterns + colors and typography all in one beautiful kit

Purple Pixel Design Group - brand logo - creative logo and brand elements and kit - brand for business

What it looks like

The Results

What it looks like

The Feedback

I sat down with her once, told her what I wanted, and she totally got it. The process was easy and smooth.

Sam Brisman,

Founder, Aremor

“Hudi and the Purple Pixel team exceeded our expectations. They were a pleasure to work with, always very patient, and they took the time to explain the process, which I really appreciated.

Zelda Tendler,

Founder, ZEZE

“Collaborating with Hudi is an absolute joy! Her stellar design skills and comprehensive knowledge of marketing and branding ensure each project’s outstanding success. I highly recommend her services.”

Rachel Friedlander,

Brand Your Copy

Need other elements of your brand?

Here’s what we can add

e-commerce ad
ad design
tradeshow booth
email newsletter design
trifold brochure
catalog design

Branding is the essence of your brand. You can’t afford to do it wrong.

Want to do it right? Let’s talk.