Highway of Hope

Scope of Work

Web design
Web development

The Problem

Yehuda Gelman approached us to bring a life-long dream and vision to fruition. As someone who struggled with a rare disease his entire life (At age 35, he’d already had 32 brain surgeries!), he’d created an organization that helps patients struggling through the lonely and confusing journey of rare disease. But Highway of Hope had no website, and therefore many people weren’t accessing help simply because they didn’t know Highway of Hope existed.

The Goal

Create a stunning and inviting website that would be accessible to those with different impairments or disabilities.

The Process

We created a high color-contrast design, left out any distracting animations, and integrated custom zoom and site-map capabilities. With the use of interactive elements, we ensured that the site would be extremely simple to navigate, creating an intuitive user experience. The design has a bright and hopeful vibe, instead of the stereotypical dreary and scary feeling associated with illness and disease.

The Result

Within moments of posting the launch of the site, it was obvious that the site had accomplished its intended purpose — Yehuda received a call from a patient on the way to the hospital who had seen the site and needed an advocate right then and there. Minutes later, Yehuda was on the road to support the patient in the hospital.

“When the organization was looking to build a website we we spoke with many companies. Purple pixel set themselves apart in dedication to making sure that everything was done not just to spec but above that. In particular their ability to work with the client with an understanding that clients are also busy with their growing business, and the development of the site might not be a priority. When I think of White glove service in any industry, I now compare it to PurplePixel.”

Yehuda Gelman,

Rare Disease Advocate, Founder of Highway of Hope

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