Pro Makeup Institute

Scope of Work

Web Design
Web Development
Ad Design
Social Media Template Design

The Problem

Mimi ran a makeup course that really stood out from the others — but outside leads weren’t exactly sure why her course was different. Without a professional sales page, it was hard to convince leads to choose her course and justify the price.

The Goal

Create a sales page that brings leads from “Looks interesting, I’m just checking it out” to “WOW —I’m signing up!”

The Process

We used striking colors, professional photography, and engaging animations to seamlessly bring the reader through the copy, which spoke straight to their pain points. The red and black color scheme was chosen for it’s bold, professional vibe. The site included a countdown to the next course to increase scarcity and urgency, as well as a sign-up form with payment integration, making the process easy for the end user.

The Result

The course is consistently filling up during each open registration. With the very first launch, Mimi doubled the number of students in her course and needed to rent a bigger studio space!

“Purple Pixel designed such a professional site for me, with eye-catching colors just like I envisioned. It was such a pleasure to work with them. They understood what I wanted and got my idea right away.”

Mimi Mizrahi,

Founder, Pro Makeup Institute

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