A website done right doesn’t just look nice. It actually WORKS.

There are two kinds of websites:

The ones that just tell the world “We exist!”

The ones that …

  • Turns cold prospects into warm leads
  • Gets your clients 90% sold
  • Gets people saying “Whoa. I want to work with them”

We’re here to create THAT kind of website for you.

The Proof is in the Process

Target market profile

What does your audience need to see and feel to be convinced? We make sure we understand all that … because a design can be beautiful, but if it doesn’t resonate with its audience, it won’t work.

Industry research

What kind of designs work best in your industry? We delve into the trends specific to your market so your design is the perfect blend of industry-appropriate, yet unique and attention-grabbing.

Copy immersion

How can the design best support the copy so that people actually *read* the words on your site? We work together with your copywriter to make sure copy and design flow seamlessly.


What styles, colors, and layout are best for your sites? We meticulously choose the most appropriate ones for your site so that it’s pleasing to the eye and naturally leads the viewer down the page.


What takes a brand website from good to amazing? It’s the little animations, scrolling effects, and overall experience of the live site. We take your website from conception to development, little details included.

What makes it a Purple Pixel website?

Purple Pixel Design Group - ads for marketing - web design agency - purple pixel logo
Market Research
Conversion Focused
100% Customized

“What makes Hudi and her team stand out from other designers is the emphasis they place on the strategy. Everything is thought-out, nothing is designed “just because.” It’s that extra level of detail and care that takes a website from “nice” to “WOW.”

Fay Dworetsky,

Mindset and Business Coach

Your website is your brand’s only chance to make a first impression.

Let’s do it right.